Chicken Suprême
Rossdown Farms breast* stuffed with bacon jam/ roasted fingerling potatoes/ seasonal vegetables/ marsala basil cream sauce    25
*free range/ free of antibiotics

Duck Confit Leg
Yarrow Meadows farm duck*/ parsnip mash potatoes/ seasonal vegetables/ vanilla demi glace    24
*raised naturally/medication free/ harvested ethically

Wild Salmon
Grilled sockeye filet*/ orange saffron beurre blanc/ mixed grain pilaf/ seasonal vegetables    25
*oceanwise program for sustainable fish

Beef Short Ribs
63 Acres Farm boneless ribs*/ garlic mashed potatoes/ caramelized onions/ seasonal vegetables/ Begbie Brewing Tall Timber braising jus    26
*free of steroids & hormones/ roam and graze free

Haida Wild Haibut
Za' atar crusted fillet* / butternut squash risotto/
mint yogurt/ seasonal vegetables    30

Cauliflower Steak
Vegan cashew cream sauce/ duo of organic quinoa/ edamame beans/ seasonal vegetables    19

Beef Tenderloin
63 Acres Farm filet mignon/scalloped potatoes/ seasonal vegetables/ red wine glace/
parsnip chips    39
*free of steroids & hormones/ animals roam and graze free

Local turkey chorizo*/ farmcrest chicken*/
steamed mussels/ red rice in spicy tomato broth/ cilantro sour cream    22
*free of hormones/ antibiotics

Venison Loin
Spice rubbed/ ancient farro risotto/ seasonal vegetables/ juniper berry and gin cream sauce    34

Mukhani Curry
Vegetarian masala in butter tomato sauce/ green
lentil pilaf/ sundried tomato polenta/ cilantro    18

Bison Ravioli
Gorgonzola and walnut pasta/ pulled bison*/
wild mushroom and tomato confit/
blue cheese demi glace   24
*free of hormones/growth promotants/animal by-products